Researcher(s) in global citizenship education

5 junio, 2024
Ofertas de Empleo
Entidad que oferta: CAONGD
Sede de la entidad:Sevilla
Tipo de empleo
Plazas: 1
Lugar de trabajo: Autonomous
Ciudad: Autonomous
Rango salarial: 6000 euros gross (all taxes included)
Nivel de estudios:
Estudios universitarios
Presentación de candidaturas:
July 2024

Más información

Más información

Cómo presentar candidaturas

Interested candidates can apply for work package outlined above in 3.
Applications should be emailed to by June 17th at 12 PM and include:
● A cover letter, outlining the candidate(s) capacity to carry out the relevant work package(s) and how the candidate(s) meet the essential requirements outlined in the profile of candidate(s)
● Curriculum Vitae of all team members.
● Brief proposal of relevant national and local documents on Global Citizenship Education in Andalusia.
● Papers of research papers or related publications carried out.

We will contact the candidates in the weeks following June 17 to inform them of the process and request additional information if necessary.

Descripción de la oferta

General framework

The GET project, co-funded by the European Commission, aims at enhancing the capacity of formal education systems in 8 European countries (Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Poland, Portugal and Spain) to support students and teachers to develop a sense of co-responsibility for local and global sustainable development and, specifically 4 global challenges (Climate Change, Gender Inequalities, Global Inequalities and Migration) through the application of Global Citizenship Education (GCE) approaches in schools.

In the case of Spain, the project is implemented in several Autonomous Communities and in each of them it will focus on the analysis of their regional authorities and the regulations and planning tools applicable to their own education system, given the decentralisation of public policies and taking into account the adaptation to the particularities and needs of their population. For the Autonomous Community of Andalusia, the local partner of the project is the Coordinadora Andaluza de ONGD (CAONGD), which assumes the coordination role of the project and its activities in the Andalusian territory.

GET project activities integrate six key elements to effectively incorporate GCE into formal education: 1) production and capitalisation of curriculum relevant teaching and learning materials, 2) training and support for teachers, 3) social media communication campaign to disseminate teaching and learning materials, 4) active involvement of students in learning process and as active citizens in their communities, 5) advocacy targeting Education authorities based on research evidence; 6) GCE assessment and evaluation systems designed specifically for schools.

One of the main problems highlighted through research during a previous European project, Get Up and Goals!, is the lack of dialogue between Education authorities and other key actors with responsibility for the implementation of GCE and related strategies. For this reason, GET project Outcome 3 is focused on outputs and activities to contribute to a situation where “Education Authorities and CSOs in 8 countries have more knowledge and opportunities to collaborate on the integration of GCE in formal education”. Outcome 3 outputs and activities include:

Output 3.1: Educational authorities have been surveyed on the opportunities and challenges of implementing GCE National/Regional Strategies (and related strategies and policies) in their countries.



The purpose of these Terms of Reference is to support the contracting of regional researcher(s) in Andalusia to carry out activity 3.1. 


Work Packages: duties and responsibilities of the researcher(s) 

Together with the general project coordinators (CISP), the andalusian project coordinators (CAONGD) and the project research leaders, the researcher(s) will: Carry out research on the opportunities and challenges of implementing GCE strategies (and related strategies and policies) at a regional level in Andalusia.

This will involve:

(i) Desk-based research:

  • Participate in the international research team (see section 4) to develop criteria for the identification and analysis of relevant national and andalusian documents on Global Citizenship Education in Andalusia.
  • Identify, using the agreed criteria and in collaboration with the andalusian project coordinators, the relevant national and andalusian documents on Global Citizenship Education in Andalusia.
  • Analyse the relevant national and andalusian documents on Global Citizenship Education using the agreed criteria

(ii) Qualitative research with andalusian education stakeholders:

  • Participate in the international research team to develop an interview/focus group schedule guide (including guidance on interview/focus group questions, target numbers of categories of participating education stakeholders, duration of interviews/focus groups etc) to be implemented at a andalusian level;
  • Identify, in collaboration with the andalusian project coordinators, the relevant educational stakeholders to be interviewed;
  • Organise and carry out interviews and/or focus group workshops with the andalusian education stakeholders using the agreed interview/focus group schedule guide;
  • Produce a written report complete and a 30-page operational summary,in English and in spanish for (1) the desk-based research and (2) the interview/focus group findings. 


Lines of responsibility

Local researcher(s) will be part of an international research team, led by two research leaders and two representatives from the lead organisation in the project, CISP (Italy). This group will collaborate in determining the scope and criteria for the work package, as outlined above in 3.

Local researcher(s) will liaise directly with and report to andalusian project coordinators. Andalusian coordinators will guide the local adaptation of the methodological design and select the key people to be interviewed and the profiles to be considered for the people participating in the focus groups.

The two research leaders will update the project steering committee on progress at an international level.


Milestones and timeline for delivery of work packages

 Research on GCE strategiesDraft desk-based research in English and Spanish

Draft interview/focus group analysis in English and Spanish

Final desk-based research and Interview/focus group analysis combined into a report available in English and Spanish

End August 2024


End September 2024



End October 2024

Duration of the contract(s)

July 2024 – October 2024


Place of work

Autonomous. Meetings of the international project team will be online only. Some in-person meetings may be required with the andalusian project coordinator.


Profile of candidate(s) 

  • A relevant recognised degree or equivalent professional qualification in the social sciences or education (preferable);
  • Knowledge on the andalusian and national formal educational system;
  • Excellent knowledge and experience relevant to the work involved, that is research, Global Citizenship Education, curriculum analysis/development
  • Experience in producing studies, reports and other relevant documents;
  • Capacity to work in collaboration with international teams;
  • Fluency in English and mother tongue (oral and written).


Suscripción al boletín


Suscripción al boletín